Line Card

American Precision Products
Injection Molding, Transfer Molding, Compression Molding, Vacuum Forming Engineering & Elastomer Resins, Filled and Modified Resins, Insert Molding Miniature and Micro Molding, Tight Tolerance Requirements,
Mold Construction / Tooling; Assembly and Contract

American Zettler
Relays: General Purpose, Automotive, Power, Solar, Telecom, Solid State, and DP contactors
Transformers: Power, High-Frequency, Linear & Sealed Toroids, Current Sensors, Chokes and Custom Magnetics


Capacitors: Power Film, Mica, Aluminum Electrolytic, SMT and Thru Hole
AC Motor-Run/Start & Power Supply Capacitors;
Solid and Wet Tantalum Capacitors

Curtis Industries
Terminal Blocks, Relay Sockets and EMI/RFI Filters
Filtered Connectors, Powerline Filters for Tempest Based Applications,
Cylindrical Filters, Fiber Optic Couplers, Transformers,
Inductors and Chokes, Surge Arrestors & Suppressors

Power Rotary Switches & Relays,
Snap Action Switches
and Cam Switches

Switches: Rotary, Push Button, DIP, Toggle, Rocker & Slide Switches
Encoders, I/O Modules, Keypads, Custom Operator Interface Panels & Assemblies & VUI Products

Circular & Rectangular Connectors
& Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environments in
Military, Aerospace & Industrial Applications

Integrated Thermal Solutions:
Custom Heat Pipes, Vapor Chambers,
Pumped Liquid Systems,
Cooling Solutions & Heat Exchangers


Deep Drawn Aluminum Enclosures,
Aluminum and Plastic Carrying Cases,
Ruggedized Enclosures & Transit Containers,
And Flat Screen and Laptop Cases